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End of the school year – teacher thank you presents

Teachers do an AMAZING job of looking after our children. Their patience and enthusiasm is boundless and they show up through thick and thin and it’s only fair to reward them at the end of the school year. Yes, yes I know they get long holidays but many of them work many days during the holidays and do very long hours during term time as well.

But here at Felicity Butler we have a selection of cards available too.


  • Pool your resources. Clubbing together as a class is often best as it reduces duplication for the teacher. Who wants 27 candles? One teacher friend was given a John Lewis voucher by her class and she bought a much coveted and now much loved) Kitchen Aid for it (incidentally a Kitchen Aid is often a good present for the cook in your life, if they don’t already have one).
  • Be kind to the class rep collecting your money.
  • Go with what you know – most teachers have a thing for stationery, lovely notebooks, or for primary schools, a personalised stamp is a great idea.


  • Buy flowers for the last day of term — teachers may well have booked to go away and it’s a shame for them to die. Have a think about perhaps offering a dinner party voucher instead? Herts based readers should look to Just Add Parsley.
  • Buy a mug. Teachers do like hot beverages yes, but they also have 30 kids every year who have all given them one.
  • Forget the other people in the school. Office staff, music/sport/drama teachers.
  • Feel obliged to buy anything. If you  or your child have particularly bonded with a teacher -a heartfelt card is often enough.
  • Feel bad for going with the obvious choices of booze or chocolates – all are appreciated (if sometimes regifted by those who don’t care for them)

For more ideas: the team at Mumsnet have done a round up which compiles the best (and worst).

We can help you organise presents for the end of the year and we also have cards for sale too.

Contact us for more info.