What we do

What even is a gift advisory service? What does a gift concierge do?

A gift concierge is a detail-oriented individual who assists private and corporate clients with procuring gifts that convey precisely the right message of love, congratulations thanks, sympathy or empathy to the recipient.

Who uses a gift concierge? 

At Felicity Butler, we design gifts to meet the needs of clients large and small. We currently work with stay at home mums, consultants, lawyers, interior designers, antiques dealers, financial management firms to name but a few.

But also many of our clients are just tired of giving gift cards and don’t have the bandwidth to spend a ton of time shopping or trawling the internet for the perfect thing and just want someone to take that out of their mental load.

We excel at sourcing unusual and gorgeous products that are hard to find. How? With exclusive access to trend forecasts and research we are able to be ahead of the curve. In fact, many of our vendors help us to create unique options not available anywhere else. 

How much does it cost?

Smaller projects with private individuals typically begin at just £100, and corporate work generally starts at £1,500 annually. We will always absolutely prioritize discretion and confidentiality when needed. 

For gifting, we charge an upfront flat fee of £100 per enquiry. NB This an enquiry fee and does not include the value of the gift. 

After we’re briefed on the project, we’ll typically send three different ideas with short explanations of what makes each item so special.

Clients can select one of the concepts, mix and match, say “send all three,” or tell us to “keep thinking.” It’s a fun process intended to help clients give in a way that is the best fit for the recipient. After all, one size doesn’t fit all.

Once a gift has been decided on, the execution, whether that involves the selection and delivery of a tangible item or further exploration into an experience and finalizing the details, can be handled by Felicity Butler for an additional fee of £175.

However, we often work to develop personalized concepts for our clients (with vendors locally, domestically, and internationally) to create one-of-a-kind gift options that otherwise would not be easy to find elsewhere online or offline. 

Our clients of course have the option to look into gift ideas resulting from our initial consultation and make all arrangements on their own but what we provide is the creative, fresh and memorable gifts with wow factor which also eliminate the leg-work and stress that often accompanies gift-giving.


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In summary: We do all the work. You take all the credit.